Thursday 2 July 2020 PM

Small Grants Project

The small grants project seeks to create greater human rights awareness among grassroots communities and assist nonprofit organisations working with the most vulnerable groups in finding their voices. In opening vital conversations within communities, the project strengthens the essential dialogue between government and civil society.

Participatory democracy can best be realised by an informed society and the Small Grants Project (SPG) seeks to ensure that vulnerable people know their rights and how to access them. In addition to small grants projectstriving for social justice, the SGP creates opportunities to facilitate personal breakthrough, facilitating programmes that encourage people to exceed limits they had not dreamed possible The FHR sees itself as a catalyst in the execution of this human rights programme. This framework endorses reciprocal respect between a government and citizens and people resident in South Africa. The SGP aims to assist the country’s most vulnerable communities in reclaiming their power, corroded by centuries of inequality and discrimination. In this regard, civil society organisations are agents in facilitating the essential organic change that must take place within and between communities. FHR believes this is necessary to tackle the overriding problems that prevail in the country, in spite of a progressive legal framework encompassing human rights.

These stories tell how programs designed to create constitutional rights awareness, open avenues for change, however small. The stories all tell of shifts in perceptions and attitudes through a greater understanding of constitutional rights. It is only through the realization of these rights that redress and transformation is possible.