Friday 18 September 2020 PM


The Foundation for Human Rights is one of the primary indigenous grant-makers to the Human Rights sector in South Africa.6777c68dee7e071ae1731ce1e5528ce9

The aim of the Foundation is to address the historical legacy of Apartheid, support the transformation of South Africa and to build a human rights culture using the Constitution of South Africa as a tool.

The Foundation supports civil-society organisations and public institutions that promote and facilitate increased awareness, respect, protection and fulfilment of the rights contained in the Constitution.

The agenda and work plans are developed through consultative processes with civil society,which include bold initiatives dealing with complex and controversial issues.

The Foundation uses a rights-based approach to addressing poverty and inequality. Its grantees are expected to ensure that priority is given to the most vulnerable groups in society, especially the poor, through participation, accountability, non-discrimination and direct linkages to the rights as set out in the Constitution.